Springtown Camp,now known as Springtown Industrial Estate,was formally an American navy base built in Derry during the Second World war.On Monday 30th of June 1941, 362 'civilian' technicians and 25 supervisory officers from the US Navy's Engineer Corps sailed into Derry.A further 900 American civilian contractors later arrived to begin construction of several naval bases, Springtown Camp being one of them.

Springtown Camp was built on a green field site  in lightning-fast time and was one of the main bases in Derry for the billeting of US personnel.It was also the biggest and best equipped. Springtown consisted of 302 huts and included a Chapel,Gym,laundry,canteen ,barbershop,a theatre and a jail.The camp was heavily guarded around the clock by US marines.

The first US service men arrived in Derry on the 18th of January 1942 on board the trawler Albatross and were duly quartered in the newly built Springtown Camp under the command of  Major James J Dugan and Captain Frank a Martincheck.A further and larger contingent arrived on board the destroyers Wilkies,Roper,Madison and Sturtevant.The US  Navy's association with Springtown Camp ended on Monday the 12th of November 1945.

On Thursday the 22nd of August 1946 the first chapter of a new story on Springtown camp was about to begin.The Springtowncamp.com website tells this remarkable story.



Springtown Camp During The American Navy Occupation.