Deery's Diary

Have you read Deery's Diary? Read about some great Springtown Camp moments through the eyes of Willie Deery.

Like many builders, Willie Deery could be described as a 'jack of all trades' but among these trades Willie boasts that he is a successful playwright, entertainment promoter and budding author. Willie talks to The Sunday about falling out with Shakin' Stevens, organising Derry's Factory Queen competition and growing up in his beloved Springtown Camp. Willie was the first person to manage to get the famous Don Williams to come and play a concert in Derry. The singer only played two gigs in Ireland during the troubles, one in The Point, Dublin and the other in The Rialto, Derry. The belfast promoter Jim Aiken was so impressed he called Willie up to ask how he managed to bring Don Williams to Derry when he couldn't get him in Belfast. Willie said the only thing he did differently was bombarded William's office until he relented.