Springtowncamp Play Update

Springtown Camp hits the stage:

The Rehearsals for the Springtown Camp play are well underway under the direction of Carmel Mc Cafferty. Carmel has brought her own unique style to this production and the audience are in for a wonderful night. The new cast has responded to Carmel's direction and have made this version of the play very much their own .Roll on
Tickets for the play:



Willie Deery and John Mc Laughlin have told www.springtowncamp .com that tickets for the play are selling extremely well and people are advised to book theirs now to avoid disappointment .Willie says"After the first run of the play we were inundated with calls and emails from people expressing disappointment of not being able to get a ticket for the play,well we hope says Willie and John, that these people have booked theirs now as the tickets are selling very fast and both myself and John are looking forward to seeing as many springtowners as possible on the nights".?
Last Chance??Willie and John would like to remind people that this will be the last chance that people will have to see the play live on stage at the Millenium Threatre.
This is what the Derry Journal had to say?about the Springtown Camp Play
An exciting new play about Derry's Springtown Camp is to be staged at the Millennium Forum early next year.?Springtown Camp was a U.S. Navy base in Derry used during World War II. When the war ended and the U.S. Navy personnel returned to America in the late 1940’s, the housingshortage in Derry was at crisis point. Many two bedroom terraced houses were housing two, sometimes three families, resulting in many families squatting in the vacant U.S. Navy base at the Camp.
The Camp soon become home to over 400 families. However as the years rolled by and with the then Derry Corporation not carrying out any maintenance, the tin huts that had become home to so many, soon fell into disrepair and Springtown Camp became known as Ireland’s worst ghetto.

The residents demanded new houses, but the Derry Corporation refused to house them as this could unbalance the Unionist gerrymandered voting system in operation in Derry at that time. The residents started a massive campaign, with their protests reaching as far as Stormont. Their long battle and countless marches with the powers that be, were regarded by many as the forefront to the civil rights marches which were to follow throughout Northern Ireland in the 1960s.
Now you can recall this era as Springtown Camp, the play, hits the Millennium Theatre in Derry on 20th and 21st February 2008.
Directed by Carmel McCafferty who starred in the box office hit, Marie, A Woman From Derry’, the play features an all star cast including Kevin McCallion, ‘Packie's Wake’, Gerry Doherty ‘Man About Dog’, Pat Lynch ‘Kings of Kilburn Road’, Seamus Heaney. ‘Kings of Kilburn Road’; Gerry Newton, ‘Packie’s Wake’ and Maureen Wilkinson, ‘Tillies’.
The play brings all the characters that lived there back to life and tells of the poverty, the prejudices and the humour that made the Camp the unique place it was.
A celebration of the irrepressible Derry spirit – Springtown Camp is a must see play for everyone who remembers Derry in the hard times.