Invitation from Willie Deery to his book launch

(Springtown Camp from the inside) and open day in Delacroix lounge.




The First List of tenants in camp
1947/1948, also 1953, 1960 and the last list of tenants in 1966/67
A comprehensive  list of Derry corporations, Stormont Government Ministers statements, residents statements, letters, meetings concerning Springtown Camp  dating from 1946 to 1967
First born in Springtown Camp
Last born in Springtown Camp.
First in the Camp
Last out of camp
A detailed story of Springtown Camp, as seen through my Eyes
Everyone who ever lived in Springtown Camp has a story to tell of the Camp...... This is mine
Springtown Camp from the inside contains
304 Pages packed with almost 300 pictures of springtown camp and its people.100,000 words.