Springtown Camp Remembered

Springtown Camp Remembered on the 50th Anniversary of its Vacation.


Springtown Camp Remembered on the 50th Anniversary of its Vacation.


The James Connolly Cultural Youth Group will host an event to mark the 50th anniversary of the vacation of Springtown Camp. The last family moved out on on 11th October 1967. Springtown Camp and the conditions families lived under were seen as a catalyst to the development of the Civil Rights movement in Derry and across the North. There is currently nothing to commemorate the twenty years occupancy of the camp by local families who could not access adequate housing provision under the Londonderry Corporation.


On Saturday 14th October at 2pm we will hosting a cross-community event in the Delacroix, Buncrana Road, to unveil a youth-designed temporary marker that will be erected at the site where Springtown camp was located and will initiate a new lobbying campaign to have a permanent memorial erected to the memory of the families who made up the Springtown Camp community.


Information about the camp will be available, including original imagery as well as contributions from local speakers. A light lunch will be served and vintage footage of Springtown camp will be screened. Participants will have the opportunity to hear reflections from surviving Camp residents as well as from the Springtown Camp author, Willie Deery.


A youth media team will be present to interview former Springtown Camp residents as part of our partnership with the Springtown Camp FB Page community. The James Connolly Cultural Youth Group looks forward to welcoming you to this event.

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