Springtown Camp Interactive Map

We have created an interactive map that will allow you to view a list of the residents for each hut during the years the camp was open.This map we think dates from 1952. Unfortunately we know the map as shown currently is incomplete. If, for example, you count the number of huts on the map you will find 257 - the official rent list for 1952 shows approximately 288 huts.  I hope that with your help we can fill in the gaps and finish the map.

The information that you will see in the huts has been extracted from the official rent lists from the Londonderry Corporation dated 1948-1967.These rent lists were provided to the Springtown Camp website by Willie Deery,Thankyou Willie. The rent lists are also available here on the Springtown Camp website, you will find the Rent lists on the menu column at the left hand side of the page. We have all the relevant information for each hut but in order to present it we must have the original hut numbers. At the moment we have over 100 original hut numbers for the map.

Hover the mouse over a hut, and the hut number will appear. Click on the hut, and you will be presented with a list of residents who lived in the hut and in what year. If you hover over a hut for which we have no original hut number (only a reference number) then an image of a hut with a question mark will appear.This means we have no original number for the hut

It is vital that we get all the original hut numbers so as to give us a complete picture of the camp and its residents. If you can help we would be extremely grateful. Some people may not agree with who lived where and in what year but you must bear in mind that we are working off the official lists and so the map can be cross checked. I may have made mistakes when putting in the information but these can be rectified when all the information is gathered.

If you can help we will be extremely grateful




Click the image to view the map

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