Great News

We are delighted to announce that Daniel Rankin formerly of 99 Springtown Camp has been re-united with his family after 45 years of separation.



Are visitors to the website may remember that ran a campaign to try and discover the whereabouts of Daniel after we were contacted by Tommy Rankin Daniels Brother. This is what Tommy said in his email.

Daniel Rankin?Last known at location: 1961

Where is Daniel Rankin?
My name Is Tommy Rankin and I am looking for my brother Daniel. I have not seen or spoken to Daniel for nearly 30 years.I have searched for him on a number of occasions but to know avail.I am hoping that one of the visitors to may be able to help me to find my brother
I have just been looking at your online map of Springtown Camp, I used to live around the G8 - G18 area back in 1947 - 1960 and moved to the C25 - C21 area. My memory is a bit vague as it has been in the region of 45 years since I have been back to Springtown Camp.
I used to live at #99 Springtown Camp (The Rankin Family).My father's name was also Daniel Mother was Mary. My Brothers & Sisters are:- Joan, Martha, Annie, Patricia & Bridget and my youngest brother is Daniel (who I have been trying to trace for years but without success) and my oldest brother is Billy who left home when I was very young.
I was approx 12/13 years old and Daniel would have been about 7/8 years of age when we went to the Termonbacca Home.

We stayed there for about 6 months. And were then sent to a home Dhu Varren which was on the Portstewart Road in Portrush. (Apparently the home is no longer there).
I believe Daniel was fostered out to the farm in Co. Derry directly from Termonbacca. Not absolutely sure if he went to the other home in Portrush?
I am fairly sure that the farm Daniel went to was in Co. Derry and he would have been about 7/8 years of age.?I do know that he was fostered out from the Orphanage to a farm but do not know the address. This is when I very last saw Daniel

If I can remember anything else in the meantime I will add it to this page here at the Abscent Loved ones area.You can contact me directly at, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or email hugo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

With the help of ex Springtowners who phoned and emailed the website.I followed up certain leads that were given to me and over a two or three week period I called at various addresses were i hoped to contact people who could help me in the search for Daniel.Unfortunately each time I drew a blank as has happened to other campaigns that were launched to find Daniel in the past.I then went too the the Termonbacca Home up at the back of Creggan were Tommy and Daniel were resident for about 6 months as children in the early sixties.Termonbacca is no longer a home but now is a place of retreat.They directed me two the sisters of Nazareth in Bishop Street in Derry.The sisters of Nazareth were responsible for running Termonbacca at the time. There I met with a very kind sister who listened to my story.After a second meeting she told me that if the dates I had given her were correct then they would most likely have information on Daniel.She then told me quite rightly, that the only people who could have access to this information would be Daniel's family and could only do so in writing .I passed this message on to Tommy and and told him that was at his and his familys disposal for any future help they may require.?That was around November 2007 and I did not hear from Tommy again until yesterday when they emailed me the marvelous news of Daniel being located. They also mentioned a charity organization called adoptni who were primarily involved in finding Daniel.??The full story of Daniel's re-union will be told here on in the coming days with photos from the happy occasion.I would now like to wish the Rankin Family on behalf of all the former residents of Springtown Camp and on behalf of all the thousands of visitors to a wonderful re-union.