Springtown Camp from the inside sold out

Congratulations Willie



Here is a message from Willie Deery:
May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their great support and kind words re the publication of Springtown Camp from the inside.... ?I have recieved scores of emails from people all over the world and I am delighted the book has had fantastic feed back from everyone who has read it... The book is now in every school/college, University, and Library. in and around Derry. It has also been purchased by many other Schools/colleges and Universities in Ireland, and is placed in their Librarys. as a source of reference for Local history. This will hopefully mean that in conjuction with this web site, The story of Springtown Camp will be kept alive to the younger generations for many many years to come....The book could not have been written without the help of you all... Once again many thanks to everyone for their help and assistance. ?THE BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT.
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