Young Oaks Pipe Band

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian Devlin who sent in this great photograph of the Young Oaks pipe band(Willie Fosters pipe band).The photograph was taken in or around 1963-1964.Brian Devlin was a member of the pipe band and is in the photograph as are quite a few boys  from Springtown Camp.I myself was also a member of the pipe band as were many boys from Springtown .I remember we used to practise in a hut down at the back of Reddins house  in the Collen and after practice we would go over to grazy John's Chip shop for a fish and chips and a bottle of Mirinda orange.  Brian is now a very successful business man in New Zealand but still retains many fond memories of growing up in Derry.He was telling me how  he really  enjoyed  reading Willie Deery's great book "Springtown Camp From the Inside" and of the memories the book brought back. This book can be read on the website.  If you know Brian and want to contact him he would be glad to hear from you. Email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

With the help of Brian and Willie Deery we have identified most of the people in the  photograph.If you could help identify the rest please contact us by using the contact form on the website or emailing me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Please remember if you have any photographs you would like to share with us here on just let us know.


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Back Row - Left to Right -------------------- Front Row - Left to Right

1.      Don’t know ----------------------------- 1.     Charlie Sweeny

2.      Don’t know ----------------------------- 2.      Robin Fitzpatrick

3.      Billy Taylor  ----------------------------- 3.      Martin Firzpatrick

4.     Q Delpinto ------------------------------- 4.      Kevin Daly

5.     Billy Sweeny ----------------------------- 5.      Brian Devlin

6.      Charlie Morrison ----------------------- 6.      Martin McGinley

7.      (Wearing hat) Don’t know --------- 7.     Charlie O Hagan

8.      George Lynch -------------------------- 8.     Duker Smith

9.      Don’t know ----------------------------- 9.     Tommy Taylor

10     James Mc Namee

11.   Willie Foster (in background)

12.   Ned Smith

13.  Stevie Wilkinson

14.   Don’t know

15.   Don’t know

16.   Eddie Doherty