Wile Big Derry Phrasebook Launch

It was with great delight and some sadness that the publication of Seamus McConnell's latest edition of the Wile Big Derry Phrasebook [City of culture edition] took place in the Central Library in Derry. Great delight because we know that Seamus would have been thrilled to see the finished article and tinged with sadness because of Seamus's untimely death which meant he was sadly missed on the night. The book launch itself was a wonderful tribute to Seamus and I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Rachel [Seamus's daughter] and I to thank all our family and friends who turned up on the night to make it a special one. I would like to thank Willie Deery in particular who spoke of Seamus as a friend and inspiration in all things Springtown Camp. I would also like to thank Guildhall Press for the way they put together the new book, as it looks terrific. We have put together a collection of Photographs of the book launch we hope you enjoy them.


Please Click on the image below to view the gallery of the book launch.