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I have decided to post a section of an email that Sadie sent me some time ago. A lot of you may have read the email but I think it's worth posting again as it gives a very good idea of Sadie and where she came from. ??"I found out about your website from an old friend, Teresa Doherty, who lives in Ballyarnett. My brother, Ben, has already contacted you.Our family, the Clingains, was one of the first squatters. We had been living at 89 Bogside in one room rented from LIzzie McDermott. Our next door neighbor, Hughie McIntyre, "flitted" us in his donkey and cart. The family: mammy, granny, Ruby, Benny, and myself, Sadie, walked in a solemn procession up the Bog, past Francis Street and out the Northland Road.?I was 16 and not at all happy to leave the place I had known.