Mick Powers and Paddy "Sauce" Moore

The move to Springtown was a journey into the unknown for us. Until then,
our world had been bounded by Walker's Place, Waterloo Street, and William Street where I was born, The Lone Moor Road to visit the cemetery on Sunday, and the occasional trip to the foot of Bishop Street to visit Mammy's girlhood friend, Nan McCallion, was as far as we journeyed. In fact, mammy was well into middle age before I took her on a trip to Belfast. Moving out of that small and familiar world to to Springtown was a leap in the dark. We didn't know what to expect.

What we found when we got there, however, was a warm welcome we could not have conceived. Mike Powers and Sauce Moor came to the door the second day or our arrival. I don't think they asked if we needed anything. They saw for themselves and moved into action, hauling furniture, showing us how to operate the water pump, and giving directions on where to get the bus to get to work. They hovered around like ministering angels making sure our needs we were taken care of But most of all they made us feel we were in a safe place surrounded by friends.

I don't know if Mike and Sauce ever realized how much their presence and help really meant as they didn't see the relief on mammy and granny's faces or hear their comments. Ben, Ruby, and I did and know how much Mike and Sauce, in their own way, changed our lives. I believe mammy and granny would say the very least I could do is to support the induction of these two modest and unsung heroes into the Hall of Fame. Their time has surely come.