Ben Clingain

Ben is now living in Cleveland Ohio and is married with a family. Ben has been playing and writing music for some time now.While he was at queens university he played in a band called "the Arabs" featuring himself and Mickey mc Crudden from Creggan as well as Denis mc Daid from the waterside.?He has shared a stage with many leading musicans including are very own Phil Coulter who he dueted with at the Glee club at Queens.Ben also had a solo career for a period were he conscentrated on playing the great works of Bob Zimmerman(Dylan)?Ben took a break from music as his family life and business life took centre stage up until approx 4 years ago when a band called "the Quiet men" came calling.He moved from this band to" Bald Paul's Irish Bluesband"where he feels right at home writing Derry songs and playing a mixture of Waylon Jennings(no relation to Jimmy Jennings)Alan Jackson,Tom T Hall,Johnny Mc Avoy and a lot of other irish music.?Ben has sent us the lyrics of the songs he has written and these can be found by clicking the links below .Ben has promised to send us a copy of his CD when it is complete so we can put some music to the lyrics.

Thanks again Ben!


Click to view the lyrics:

The Buncrana Train

Ma's Old Hut

Goodbye Tillies Factory

Derry Girls


Ben Clingain and his Band