Hall of Fame - Seamus McConnell

Springtowncamp.com would like to announce that Seamus McConnell, formerly of 151a SpringtownCamp is the the first person to be nominated for the Springtown Camp Hall of Fame.The nomination was recieved in an email that was sent in by none other than Willie Deery. Here is a copy of the nomination.

I nominate Seamus Mc Connell for the Springtown Camp Hall of Fame. Seamus would be the perfect start to this exciting addition to your site. Seamus was the first person to write a book on the camp and he was instrumental in keeping the name SpringtownCamp in the public domain long after it closed. I know for sure he spent many a long night writing about the camp and his many 1000's of verses are an education to everyone. Actually he was the reason I personally got the Springtown Camp re-unions up and running,which were the fore runner to all the Derry re-unions held since. He always offered me advice and every assistance in anything I have done regarding the place of our boyhood days. This all led to your site and the play and the follow up which is under way at this very moment. We are only STARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!.So it would be fitting and proper for Seamus to be the first person to kick start the Hall Of Fame.

Willie  Deery


Career:   During the fifties formed a skiffle group which included myself, Jimmy and Johnny Jennings, Jimmy Mc Closkey  and Charlie O’ Hagan. Since then I have played in numerous bands and groups including  ‘The Playboys’ the Plattermen’ and ‘The Eileen King Band.’ I also formed a couple of my own bands includingBlues Etcetera’ in the sixties with my two brothers, Jackie and Danny.

Achievements: Had five books published locally by the Guildhall Press;
‘Talk of the Town (1&2)                                                                                                
‘The Wile big Derry phrasebook’ (1&2)
Springtown Chronicles ‘



I am currently working on two other books which I hope to have published in the near future. Produced a cassette single ‘Derry Long Ago’ and an album ‘The Peninsula’ in my small home studio. Both sold reasonably well. Over the years reached the finals of twenty song contests including ‘The Cavan International Song Contest’. Have appeared on a couple of T.V. shows including ‘The Jerry Kelly  Show’ singing my own songs.  To date I’ve written approximately 250 songs and 60 instrumental pieces.

Musical Tastes; Any good music especially Blues, Jazz, Folk and Classical guitar music. 
Instruments played; Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Keyboards(well sort of) and three stringed electric wabblin’ brush.
Hobbies; Composing, astronomy and writing.
Ambition; To be a successful composer (I’d better get a move on) especially in the field of T.V. and film theme music, and to see my name up in the Springtown Camp website.

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