Graveside floral tribute:

YESTERDAY, Sunday, key figures associated with the?civil rights movement in Derry assembled at the grave?of the late Mrs. Mary Ellen O'Doherty,[nee Hegarty] to mark her 100th birthday on April 28, 1908. She was born at Balee, near Strabane and died last year on June 16th, surrounded by her loved ones from at home and abroad, in hospital, after a short illness.?Former Mid-Derry MP and former Minister for Community?Relations in the ill-fated 1974 Stormont Executive,?Mr. Ivan Cooper gave a short oration as did her son,?Fionnbarra, a co-founder of NICRA in 1967.

A wreath of fresh flowers, formed into the figures? "100" was laid on her grave by her daughter Deirdre and?a grand-daughter, Emma, an under-graduate from Belfast,?Pics and an audio/vidual recording were made by Luke? Coyle, a son of the Late 'Vinny', who was Chief?Marshall of around 700 stewards during the civil?rights era. Copies of pics can be obtained on request?via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it